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Classification of power supply for flexible LED strip

Author : Henry Huang Date : 3/9/2013 6:29:03 PM

Flexible LED strip may use different power supply depending on the different model, do you know the different kinds of power the soft LED strip are used? Here to tell you the knowledge of led flexible ribbon with different power classification.

According to different criteria, the LED soft light power supply with different classification, here we just classified by the driver method, mainly to explain the different classification of the drive way, can be divided into constant voltage and constant current, detailed explanation in below.

1. Constant voltage type:
a) Brightness will be influenced by the rectified voltage;
b) For constant voltage, its’ needs to be coupled with a suitable resistor, and make each string of LED with even brightness;
c) Constant voltage is no problem for open circuit, but will cause problem if short-circuited;
d) When the parameters confirmed for the constant voltage, the output voltage is fixed, while the output current changes as per the current load;

2. Constant Current:
a) Should note the maximum the current and voltage values, it limits the use of LED number;
b) The constant current drive led is a better way, but relatively higher cost;
c) Constant current circuit is no problem for short-circuit, but problem for open circuit;
d) Constant current driver with even output current, while the output DC voltage is changing along with different resistance, the load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, while the greater the load resistance, the output voltage is higher.