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Introduction and basic parameters for LED wall washer

Author : Henry Huang Date : 3/25/2013 7:43:17 AM

LED wall washer lights also known as linear LED Spotlights, because of its strip shape, it was also called LED linear lights, mainly used for architectural lighting, as well as for lamp to outline buildings. Its technical parameters similar to LED floodlight, compared with floodlight circular structure, the LED wall washer stripe structure with better heating sink.

LED wall washer and guardrail tube has many same points, here to introduce the parameters of wall washer:

1) Voltage:
LED wall washer has different voltage as 220V, 110V, 24V, 12V and so on, so we need to be aware of voltage when choose the lamp. There is addition voltage of 18V and 36V; these two transformers are rarely in the market, so it is generally used 24V or 12V.

2) Operating temperature:
LED wall washer usually used outdoor, so this parameter is very important, general requirements from -40 ℃ +60 ℃, and usually wall washer used aluminum housing with better cooling, so this wall washer is able to meet the temperature requirements.

3) LED quantity:
The most used common quantity is 9pcs/300mm 18pcs/600mm, 27pcs/900mm, 36pcs/1000mm, 36pcs/1200mm.

4) Protection rating:
This is most important parameters for LED wall washer, also important for the LED guardrail tube, must carry out stringent requirements, we use in the outdoors, usually waterproof rating should be IP65 or above. Also required pressure resistance, chipping resistance, high temperature, flame, impact and aging.
In the IP65, the number 6 representatives: completely prevent dust, and the number 5 representatives: wash with water without any harm.

5) Control mode:
There are two control modes: internal and external control. Internal control without an external controller, just put the control system inside the wall washer in advance, but the effect can not be changed. External control is connected to external controller; the effect can adjust by the master controller. Usually customers require the can change the effect by their own; then use this external system. There is a lot of wall washer support DMX512 control system directly.

6) Color optional:
Usually there are 2 sections, 4 sections, 6 sections, and 8 sections available. Full-color, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors optional.

7) Viewing angle:
Generally there are three emitting: narrow (about 20 degrees), medium (about 50 degrees), wide (about 120 degrees), and the farthest effective projection distance of high power LED wall washer (narrow angle) is 20-50 meters.

8) Lens:
Glass reflective lens with light transmission rate of 90-98%, not easy to be atomization, can resistant UV radiation.

9) Light source:
Usually use the 1W, 3W LED as light source, but due to technical immaturity of 3W LED, wall washer mainly using 1W, 3W produce more heating, result higher light attenuation.

10) Size:
The default unit is 1 meter in length, due to the aluminum profile is pulled out from the model, so the length can be customized according to customer requirements, the width and height can not change, unless re-mold, but the mold is very expensive, general re-mode only for special circumstances of manufacturers and customers.