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LED Lighting for Christmas Decorations

Author : Lydia Quinn Date : 8/23/2010 4:24:26 AM

People are always looking for various decorative items that they can use to decorate for Christmas. There is a large variety of decorative items available in the stores and increasingly, many of these make use of the technology known as LED lights.


The Christmas tree in your living room is perhaps the most attractive entity in your house on the 25th of December. There's a big variety of LED lights that are available that can be neatly draped around the tree and these take the place of the older style of lights that are larger, generate more heat and use more energy. A large number of color combinations are available, from multi colored lights to white lights to one color strands. Some lights work on battery as well and look great draped around an outdoor tree or bush.

Christmas led tree
LED christmas tree
LED Chiristmas tree 1
LED Chiristmas tree 2

Christmas LED Lights you can choose:

Garland lights have been in the stores for a long time now. However, some of these lights are expensive. LED lights last longer than conventional lights and generally have better quality than conventional lights. These lights are generally used to decorate the trees and bushes but they can also be used at various other places in the interior and exterior of your home.


Amongst the various kinds of LED lighting, the one that has the shape of a ball placed over a torch look pretty and beautiful. These kinds of LED lighting add to the spirit of the festival. Mostly, these kinds of LED lights are in the shape of a small crystal ball that is placed on a small base. The base lights up the bottom of the ball and the ball glows in different colors. These are some of the new ways that Christmas decoration manufacturers are using LED's in their products.

Christmas led light
Christmas led lights


Rope lights that contain LED's can be easily found in stores and are becoming one of the most common decorative light options that people use for Christmas. Candles make a place look elegant and beautiful. LED Christmas candles can be found in to stores and are one of the latest decorative items. LED candle lights are great, since they are so much safer than if you use real candles!

Christmas LED rope light
LED christmas strips
Christmas led flexible light
LED rope light
LED christmas strips


Amongst the most common colors of lights, people prefer white, red, green, yellow and blue. A combination of these colors is the best option, since there are few things that say Christmas better than Christmas lights. LED light products are not very expensive and can be purchased at reasonable prices and in many styles. So, the next time you're in the market for Christmas décor, consider all the options available in LED form! You might be surprised at what's available.

Benefits of Christmas LED Lights:
There is a lot of buzz out concerning the energy saving benefits of switching to Christmas LED lights. Just a few of the amazing cost and energy benefits include:

1) LED lights do not contain harmful gases within the bulb.

2) Many more strings can be connected together with a single outlet - great for large decorating projects.

3) Christmas LED lights reduce waste and garbage since they do not need to be replaced as often, proving to be environmentally friendly.

4) Bulbs will never chip or crack, and are virtually unbreakable.

5) Up to 90% energy savings. A single LED bulb uses .96 watts as opposed to 7 watts for comparable size/color incandescent bulb.

6) Bulbs do not contain a filament so they will never get hot.

7) Average hours of use on an LED bulb exceeds 60,000 hours, but stays at only 3,000 for comparable incandescent bulb.

LED Christmas lights are the newcomer on the Christmas decorating front, and are accepted with open arms by commercial and residential decorators, as well as government and educational institutions.

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