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LED automobile lights market keep growing

Author : Jerry Song Date : 12/25/2012 6:26:21 AM

LED car light is a hot industry, may replace the traditional light gradually.
In 2005, LED automotive applications market was 0.29 billion Yuan, of which 0.21 billion was car headlights market. See from the LED application market, the automotive market is still in its infancy.

LED use for car headlights mainly due to the low power consumption, long life and fast reaction. Statistics show that in the car traveling at 100 kilometers per hour, vehicles with LED brake lights the braking distance will be reduce more 7 feet than without LED brake lights. LED has been gradually applied third brake lights. 

Although the LED is still facing low wattage, lumens and policy limit, the LED taillights and headlights markets also need some time, but with the decline of the cost as well as the enhancement of luminescence efficiency, LED will gradually access from the interior car light, then to the rear and front light, and occupy the entire automotive lamp market eventually. LED car lamp is a huge potential market.

LED car lights distance
It’s a gratifying thing for automobile manufacturers because of white LED cost continue to fall, and the luminous efficiency improved to more than 100lm/W. after all, the price of the unit lumen (1lm) will continue decreasing. In order to compress the price of the white LED by unit lumen, it must be further reduce cost and at the same time increase luminous efficiency. In the illumination device, the unit price of the white LED is more than 10 times of fluorescent light and incandescent lamp, in the automobile headlamps, nearly two times higher than the halogen and HID lamps.