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LED flash light prompt in cell phone application

Author : Jerry Song Date : 12/17/2012 4:39:35 AM

Recently, all the mobile phone use LED as flash light, along with the further improvement of brightness, the digital camera flash light will also gradually replace by LED.

LED is current-driven devices, its light output depend on the forward current. And it’s strobe speed faster than any other light source, including Xenon flash, it has a very short rise time, the range between 10 ~ 100ns. Now LED lighting quality comparable with cool-white fluorescent  light, color performance index is close to 85.

In most cases, the maximum light output of the LED depends on the maximum forward current, and the maximum current mainly depends on the level of the LED chip / package and its heat dissipating. In the flash application, it can use a very short pulse current to drive the LED, which makes the current and light output increased significantly during the actual pulse period, at the meantime, it still maintaining the average LED current and power consumption within its safety ratings.

Compared with xenon flash, LED flash light with lower power consumption, also the drive circuit space is very small, in addition, the LED flash only produce a little electromagnetic interference (EMI). These advantages prompt LED flash in camera phones’ application, also it can be used as a continuous light source with an LED light.