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Wide application for outdoor LED Signs

Author : Mamman Seghosime Date : 4/26/2011 6:31:16 PM

Outdoor Led Signs are considered to be a good tool to promote company brand name and the information regarding products or services they offer. LED panels display the desired information produced by the blinking diodes. The store signs, billboards, railway or bus stations, airports and long distance buses generally use this technology in displaying their information in a prominent way. These days, big corporate houses install these LED panels as bill boards which are great advertising modes.

Outdoor LED signs use a minimum of 2000 candelas per sq meter and the higher brightness type LED signs which can easily cope with direct sunlight on the screen use up to 5000 candelas per sq meter. The brightness is adjustable and can easily be reduced or increased from time to time as per the requirement. The suitable locations where these LED panels can be installed depend on the factors such as line of sight, local authority requirement, power, ground suitability and obstructions such as overhead wires.

These outdoor LED signs are made by using the conventional LED panels which use the discrete LEDs individually mounted. For displaying the information, huge numbers of colored diodes run together which forms evenly placed full colored pixels which are measured fro centre to centre to provide the absolute pixel resolution. Las Vegas of USA, which is world famous for its entertainment hubs, has the tallest LED display sign in the world which measures around 457 meters in length. The LED technology is also used for making screens for Television and computers these days which provide HD quality picture which are much sharper and clearer than the pictures produced by the conventional screens.

This type of signage helps businesses in promoting their brand name effectively which is very essential in the modern day scenario when businessmen have to fight very hard against competition in increasing the awareness of the product or service they offer and this tool is proving to be very helpful as they need to be aware of the latest technologies being used these days for promoting business and services which is easily noticed by the potential customers. The Outdoor Led Signs are alternatives of many other costly advertisement technologies as the LEDs consume very less electricity and produce great results apart from being durable. They are the brightest display panels and can be read clearly under direct sunlight.

Outdoor LED signs, in normal light conditions with average brightness use more than 2000 candelas per square meter whereas higher brightness LEDs which can easily withstand direct sun rays use about 5000 candelas per square meter. One can also adjust the brightness of these LED signs as per the light conditions and the requirements. Suitable locations for installing the LED sign panels depend on some factors such as line of the sight, authority requirements, power and ground suitability.

LED signs are used in displaying some information at outdoor locations which are easily visible even in the day time. LEDs display uses light emitting diodes which are clearly visible from a long distance and in any light condition. It's a very good tool for promoting the company name or any type of information.

Certain obstructions such as overhead wiring etc should also be taken care of before installing these LED signs. The Outdoor Led Signs help business houses in their brand name promotion efficiently and effectively which is very important these days of slit throat competition as the business houses have to fight hard with the competitors in order to spread their business.

Outdoor LED signs are required in displaying information and messages at any outdoor location and these signs are conveniently visible in day light. LED is the synonym of light emitting diodes and the signs which use LED in displaying information are clearly visible from long distances as well.

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