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Fullcolor LED dot light

Fullcolor LED dot light Model Number: LK-WMFC-1
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 PCS
Payment Term: T/T, Western Union
Delivery time: 10-20 days
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A string lamp can carry out the effects of RGB full color changing gradually, color jump, running water, chase color, color scanning, color writing and so on. Can compose different dynamic effects of different color's character and design. Has the features of installation conveniently, high luminance, safe and energy conservation, long lifespan and little light attenuation, Maintenance freely etc. It's suitable in digital RGB illumination letters, spurts draws, channel letters, various kinds of light source of illumination facility inside and outside. Abnormal shape display. And can replace the advertising sign of neon light !
Physical Specifications
Input Voltage DC 5V
Work Current 0.06A
Work Temperature -45 degree -- 65 degree
Controller System SD card
Waterproof Rating IP66
Pixel disposition Red, Green, Blue
Material of Crust Clarity / Creamy White PVC
Punch Holes Size Diameter 12mm
Size of LED light 8mm
1) Backlight of channel letters and signage.
2) Advertisement decoration.
3) Outdoor guide, nameplate board lights.
4) Indoor lights decoration.
5) Lights for events and shows.
6) Lights for fountains, spring, waterfall, pool.
7) Marine signal and task lighting.
8) Decorations lights for bar, pub, club, disco.
Sample porjects:
LED pixel lights LED cluster Fullcolor LED point lights LED dot lights