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LED streetlight 70W

LED streetlight 70W
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
50 PCS
Payment Term
Delivery time
within 20 days
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1) Use power LED as light source, low light decay.
2) The Whole crust of LED streetlight is made of die-casting aluminum, reasonable Design of the Radiator and Lampholder Integration, good heat dissipation effect.
3) Small size, light weight, steady and safety installation structure help to lower the wind resistance, and reduce the burden of pole. This makes the product windproof and reliable.
4) Equiped with special optical lens, the light illumination is more higher.
5) Intelligent temperature controller and power supplier make the lifespan longer.
6) No strobe flash, no delay in start, Resistance, Shock-proof, Without Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) Radiation - No filament and glass frames, avoid break of the traditional lamp, without harm to the human body,green and Environmental Protection - no lead, no mercury, no environmental pollution.
7) Low power consumption, simple structure, high brightness.
8) Long lifespan: above 50,000 hours.
9) Low working voltage.
10) Quick respond time.
11) Compared with the conventional sodium and mercury lamps, LED streetlight can save 50%-80% energy.
12) Application: Virescence zone, park, square, factory, road and so on.
Physical Specifications:
Input voltage
70 x 1W
System Consumption
77 W
Power Factor
> 0.9
Color temperature
Work temperature
- 30 degree ~ +50 degree
Luminous Flux
5600 lm
IP rating
Life Span
> 50,000 hours
Average illumination
Height 6M > 26 Lux
Height 9M > 15 Lux
Effective illuminated Area
Height 6M: 10 x 24 M²
Height 9m: 12 x 30 M²
Chief Material
Aluminum Alloy
Net Weight
5.5 KG
306 x 480 x 65 (mm)
Packging size
510 x 315 x 90 (mm)
Installing size
Ф61 (mm)
1) Do not store the LED streetlight in damp, rain, heavy dust, vibration or corrosive environment.
2) It is strictly prohibited to install and use the LED street lights in the environment that mixed with combustible gases.
3) It is strictly prohibited to place any flammable, explosive and dangerous goods around the LED street lights.
4) The lamp should be installed and maintained by technicians.
5) During the installation, please use insulated tools, never use the inferior tools.
6) In order to avoid leakage or fire, please do not use poor quality or tiny cables.
7) Keep the children away from the installation venue.
8) Please do not use coarse objects or cleanser to clean the lamp, and the lamp must not be washed with high-press water because it will demage the water protection parts of the crust.
9) Please stop lighting if the lamp is broken or the cables have problems with insulance. The lamps should be checked termly.
10) Once the lamps reach the lifespan, users can connect with relative recycle in local place to talk about the callback solutions.